Nurchums Large Elf Hatching Eggs

Introduce kids to a sense of responsibility and compassion with Nurchums. Watch your Nurchum hatch and grow as you nurture the egg with water and time. Children engage with the toy and learn patience as it transitions through different stages.
Ignite kid?s imaginations with hatching mythical creatures, prehistoric pets and animals. Watch the eggs hatch after a few days in a bowl of water, the character inside will continue to grow for up to 14 days. Remove them from water and they will shrink back down to the original size!
A great learning experience for every child, with over 18 characters and animals to hatch, collect and swap with friends!

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LUCKY DIP ? Receive 1 egg to hatch a christmas elf, colour chosen at random
HATCH ? Watch as your egg magically hatches in water after just a few days
GROW ? Your new pet or character continues to grow for up to 14 days
COLLECT ? Over 18 different mythical creatures, prehistoric pets and animals to collect!
PARTY BAGS ? Great little extras for kid?s party gestures and Christmas stocking fillers

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3 years +


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