Ocean Sole – Dolphin Flip Flop Sculpture

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Dolphins are fascinating animals and universally loved by many. They are not only cute and playful – always drawing a crowd when they decide to surface, they are also naturally very intelligent.

These amazing creatures symbolise luck and are a viewed as a good omen by many sailors! Why not add some luck on land with one of our Dolphin sculptures. 

All our products are made from recycled flip-flops that are collected from the beaches, waterways and landfills in Kenya. These products are hand carved by Kenya artisans and all unique therefore will differ in colour seen in the picture.

Small: L 8 in, W 1 in, H 2 in | Medium: L 12 in, W 12 in, H 7 in | XL: L 22 in, W 6 in, H 13 in 

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