Avenue Mandarine – Christmas wreath

AED 50.00

Christmas wreath.

A creative Christmas wreath box including a 15 cm diameter round wreath, 3 printed pattern boards and 1 tube of glue.

A simple and accessible activity for the little ones that will allow them to develop their dexterity and capacity for association while having fun.

Creative kit, from Avenue mandarine, for children 6 years and over

Avenue Mandarine – Couz’in Collection Christmas Decoration

AED 60.00

Discover the creative set of mini Couz’in d ‘ Avenue mandarine Christmas decorations , a sewing set for children aged 6 and over. The mini couz’in are back for the holidays with 6 sewing Christmas suspensions to introduce children to sewing, allow them to develop their dexterity and to bring a touch of originality to their tree.

6 pendant lights with a reindeer, a matryoshka, a snowman, a cookie, a tree and a Santa Claus.

This creative box includes pre-holed felt elements (x6), padding wadding, 2 plastic needles, 10 spools of thread and an explanatory leaflet.

A perfect gift for children who love to create with their ten fingers.

Christmas Glitter Balls with Green Elves Inside.

AED 20.00

Mix of patterns. Goods shipped randomly. Price for one piece.

Glitter ball with an elf in the middle. Perfect for fun or festive decoration.

Flamingo Giant Egg

AED 40.00

Giant egg that hatches to reveal a growing flamingo. Place the egg in a container filled with water and wait for a few hours to see the egg begin to hatch. After a couple of days a flamingo will have broken free from the egg and start to grow in its place. Keep the flamingo in water and it will continue to grow up to 15cm in seven days.

Look after and nurture your very own giant egg that hatches to reveal a growing flamingo! Perfect for children with an interest in nature, it helps teach basic lessons in biology while introducing them to new aspects of the world they might not have been aware of.

Frosty The Snowman Toy – Wooden Christmas Push Puppet Toy.

AED 25.00

Frosty the Snowman Toy

Frosty The Snowman Toy: A Fun Wooden Christmas Push Puppet Toy

Make Your Own Foam Putty Snowman

AED 18.00

Fun Christmas stocking filler!

Noise Putty

AED 10.00

Tub of goo that makes flatulence noises when prodded
Housed in a suitable shaped jar
Assorted colours – One supplied at random
6 cm tall tub
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

Nurchums Large Elf Hatching Eggs

Introduce kids to a sense of responsibility and compassion with Nurchums. Watch your Nurchum hatch and grow as you nurture the egg with water and time. Children engage with the toy and learn patience as it transitions through different stages.
Ignite kid?s imaginations with hatching mythical creatures, prehistoric pets and animals. Watch the eggs hatch after a few days in a bowl of water, the character inside will continue to grow for up to 14 days. Remove them from water and they will shrink back down to the original size!
A great learning experience for every child, with over 18 characters and animals to hatch, collect and swap with friends!

Shark World Growing Hatching Shark

AED 20.00

Blue egg with a shark hidden inside. Completely submerge the egg in water and leave it for four days. Check back regularly and you’ll notice a shark starts to grow from the top of the egg. Wait another few days to discover the fully grown animal hatched.
Novelty growing shark
Submerge egg in water

Sloth Pencil and Eraser – Tobar

AED 10.00
  • Cute sloth pencil complete with attached eraser..
  • Pencil with wood grain design – one supplied..
  • Sloth eraser topper..
  • Several thought bubble designs..
  • 18cm.

Tobar – Christmas Flexi Figure

AED 25.00


This product is subject to specific safety warnings
Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

Tobar – Christmas Flexi Figure 2

AED 25.00


This product is subject to specific safety warnings
Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

Tobar – Christmas Reindeer Socks With Secret Gift Inside.

AED 45.00


This product is subject to specific safety warnings
Warning: Toy inside. Adult supervision recommended

Tobar -Christmas Sleigh – Santa’s Sleigh Poly Glider

AED 10.00
  • Polyglider shaped like Santa’s sleigh
  • Five pieces slot together
  • Glides for several metres
  • Weighted nose piece
  • Easy to build

Tobar Christmas Rubber Duck

AED 20.00

We’ve seen it all now: not content with Tiny Ducks, Giant Ducks, Glitter Ducks and Glow-in-the-Dark Ducks, we thought our range was complete until we saw this Santa Duck, No traditional Christmas would be complete without him, 9cm.

Tobar Christmas Whistle

AED 15.00

Wooden slide whistles topped with a charming Christmas character or motif. A nicely made, traditional stocking filler with a pleasant sound.

Wooden Christmas-Themed Stamp Pads

AED 20.00

Christmas tree stamps